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Nanoparticles: a whole new world of possibilities

Born out of the research labs of TU Delft with over 20 years of experience in the synthesis of aerosols, VSPARTICLE believes there is a whole new world of possibilities at the nanoscale. 

As we all start to understand these possibilities, it will enable research and industry to rethink production processes and develop new materials to create innovative applications. At VSPARTICLE we support this process by making nanoparticle-based manufacturing as easy as pushing a button and providing research and industry with the tools to rapidly advance the field of nanotechnology.

vsparticle team

Andreas Schmidt-Ott

Co-founder & Advisor

Andreas Schmidt-Ott joined the Faculty of Electrical Engineering in 1988 at Duisburg University as Asst. Professor and then became Assoc. Professor in the Mechanical Engineering Dept. of the same university, becoming Deputy Faculty Chair in 1998 - 2001.He accepted a full professorship in Nanoparticle Technology at the Chemical Engineering Department of TU Delft , Netherlands. In 2014 he co-founded VSPARTICLE,  working now as an advisor. Andreas is driven to continue his research and help scientists speed up the discovery of scientific breakthroughs. He currently edited a very exciting book project 

Aaike van Vugt

Co-founder & CEO

Aaike has an MSc in Chemical Engineering from TU Delft. “There is plenty of room at the bottom.” – a 1959 quote by famous physicist Richard Feynman in a talk titled ‘A staggeringly small world’ are the words that inspired our CEO, Aaike in his career pursuit. After graduation he went on to become a Co-Founder of VSPARTICLE. As CEO, he spends his time on both the R&D and the commercial sides of the business. He is passionate about nanotech’s potential to improve life on Earth and this passion it what fuels the leadership of VSPARTICLE.  

Tobias Pfeiffer

Co-founder & CTO

Tobias studied Chemical Engineering at Delft University of Technology, focusing on the production and classification of <1nm particles. As part of his PhD research he worked on scaling up the spark ablation method, resulting in a patent application and several scientific publications. In 2014, he co-founded VSPARTICLE. As CTO he is responsible for the development and protection of VSPARTCILES’s technology.  He is curious, eager to understand how things work and he likes to learn something new every day. Tobias winds down by spending time with family or playing the electric guitar in a local band. 

Tobias Coppejans


Tobias Coppejans has an MSc in Chemical Engineering from Delft University of Technology where he graduated in spark ablation. He also has a background in software engineering. After graduation, he pursued a career in Industry 4.0 at the engineering firm Bilfinger Tebodin, which allowed him to make the best of both of his backgrounds. He returned to Delft to work as COO for VSPARTICLE where he is primarily responsible for technical software development, business processes and project management. He is a very dedicated person within our team and a real “end-to-end” problem solver. When not behind a computer or in meetings, Tobias can be found windsurfing, running or pursuing more creative endeavours on keyboard or trombone. 

Simon Schots


From an early age, Simon had a special interest in economy and finance. He always  knew that he would like to work in a finance department and preferably on a level where you can make an impact. From that perspective he started as a CPA for the first years of his career.He was better equipped to start in a business and to make suggestions to improve processes and governance. That’s what made him turn to VSPARTICLE. “Because in a young company the finance function is very broad and also relates to HR, taxes and legal”. He believes that “with a smaller company you have more impact as there is the freedom to design and implement processes as you would like them”. 

Alessandra Soro

Marketing & Communications Manager

Ale has an MSc in Communications from United Nations School in Italy and a BSc in Political Science from Sapienza Universitá di Roma. Her role is to create awareness about nanotechnology and the impact it could have on making the world a better place. Currently she is in charge of building the Material Pioneers community in order to encourage and facilitate an integrated team approach in different scientific fields. She has excellent communication and organizational skills, coupled with and empathic personality and a strong creative vision, which makes her the perfect person for this. She is also involved in a variety of social initiatives and is a passionate animal advocate.  

Andreea Ilinca

Scientific writer

Andreea has an international experience in copywriting and translating complex concepts into clear messages. Her broad vision leads to powerful communication strategies, marketing driven messages and technology focused articles.   

Bernardus Zijlstra

Data scientist

Bernardus has an MSc in Nanotechnology from University of Twente and has worked for MESA+ & the Institute for Nanotechnology. He is the master of the VSP lab with his concrete and critical approach. He is usually busy with improving lab machines, developing new solutions and speeding up researchers’ work.  

Erik Buis

System Administrator

Erik has a varied background and always he always liked to experiment with different specialties. He started as a carpenter, then went on working in IT industry and from there ended up in the cleanroom at MAPPER Lithography assembling the projection lens. He Now he works for VSPARTICLE as the lab manager maintaining a healthy working environment in the lab and supporting everyone with their experiments. He is a great team-player and has excellent interpersonal communication skills, being able to lead and support others.  In his spare time ge loves riding his motorbike and has a passion for all kinds of motorsport.  

Joerie Gennisse

Lead Designer

Joerie has an MSc in Integrated Product Design and a BSc in Industrial Design Engineering from TU Delft. 
He brings experience from working for Quooker and Akzo Nobel among others. At VSPARTICLE he is responsible for product design. Joerie is known for his considerate response and approach to challenges. He is able to integrate feedback from many different channels, successfully, into his work. 
After work he enjoys improving his self-built electrical skateboard.

Katharina Weber

Research scientist

Physicist Katharina can be sighted mostly in the VSPARTICLE research lab where she improves and builds prototypes of new products. She developed the current multi-sample prototype (TRL 6). She loves to apply her theoretical knowledge as a Doctor of Physics to tackle real world problems and develop tomorrows technologies.  Originally from Germany, she enjoys the great outdoors. The flat land with the sea nearby makes her love the Netherlands as well as its famous apple pie. As a mother she is proud to be part of a company that creates a better future for the coming generations.  

Luc Dierick

Embedded Software Engineer

Luc joined VSParticle approximately a year ago and then started working part-time doing embedded systems projects. Currently he is working on his bachelor thesis in the field of Network & Systems Engineering. He has always been interested in technology and specifically the intricacies between microelectronics and software. At VSParticle he believes he has the opportunity to pursue these interests and learn a lot. In his spare time he likes to go bouldering. He believes the sport reflects the same way of thinking required to solve software and hardware issues. "Like some sort of puzzle that needs to be solved in the most efficient way possible!"

Teodor Nikolov

Embedded Software Engineer

For Teodor, becoming a successful engineer has always been a long time dream. With his previous background focused on Electrical engineering and his working experience in software development, he then decided to start his master program in TU Delft in the department of Embedded Systems. As part of his program he had to do an internship and VSPARTICLE provide him with this opportunity. It was here where his  theoretical knowledge was put into practice by being involved on different projects. As such, he thinks there's no better place to pursue his passion and develop the necessary skills to further work towards his dream

Martijn Zwanenburg

Software Developer

When he was 11 years old, Martijn taught himself how to build websites using online tutorials and a book his parents gave him for his birthday. He was very eager to learn new programming languages and always challenged himself to build new things. During high school, his never-ending curiosity led him to a high interest in mathematics and physics. In July 2019, he finished his bachelor in Applied Physics and decided to take a break from studying and discover how all the knowledge from the lecture rooms could be applied in real life. At VSPARTICLE, he believes he has the opportunity to contribute to valuable projects and apply the knowledge from his study through the code he writes on a daily basis. In the upcoming period, he hopes to develop himself further as a software developer and learn more about how to build and maintain complex IT infrastructures. 

Maarten Kamp

Sales Director

Maarten has a background in Technology, Policy and Management at TU Delft, specialized in network modelling and complex operations. As Sales Director, he is responsible for the supply chain, product marketing and sales. Being somewhat of a sport addict, Maarten brings a lot of energy and drive to the table which he puts to good use both internally and in customer and partner relations. In his spare time he enjoys the finer things in life like cooking, food and wine. 

Pauline Roels

Product Manager

Pauline has a BSc in Industrial Design Engineering and an MSc in Biomedical Engineering from TU Delft. Before joining VSPARTICLE, she worked in project management, mainly on large-scale IT implementations and upgrading production process technology for different companies in the area of energy, where she gained both Agile and Prince2 experience. 
At VSPARTICLE she works on new product development. Pauline also likes to develop things outside of the office. She’s currently busy converting a camper van in her spare time.

Sowndarya Bagadi

Web developer

Sowndarya Bagadi was always fascinated by the great world wide web. It was during her university time when she got interested in designing and developing websites that offer the best possible user experience, She has been on an quest to change how people interact with websites and maximise their experiences. She is a problem solver and has a curious and inquiring personality which makes her a great fit in any web development department. She believes that at VSPARTICLE she has full freedom to learn and to experiment new things while also having the appropriate guidance to improve her skills. Apart, from websdesigning she love to cook Indian food.

Tomas Storck

Scientific software engineer

Tomas has an academic background in chemical and biochemical engineering.In Australia he worked as a scientific software engineering consultant for three and a half years, developing the computational model to investigate earthquakes occurring in Groningen (The Netherlands) as a result of natural gas extraction. He joined VSPARTICLE in early 2019 to make better use of the vast quantities of data collected, as well as to improve the understanding of the spark ablation through modelling. When Tomas is not sitting behind a computer screen, he is often cycling long distances, playing board games or coaching rowers with an intellectual disability.

Coosje Pothoven

Application Engineer

Coosje has a MSc in Applied Physics, she loves science and wants to apply her knowledge and curiosity to solving significant problems. At VSPARTICLE she works as an application engineer, focusing on the nanostructured materials printer.

Wilbert Vrijburg

Application specialist

Wilbert recently completed his PhD in heterogeneous catalysis at Eindhoven University of Technology. During his PhD, he focused on novel synthesis methods, coupled with extensive material characterisation and testing, to obtain and understand the behaviour of Ni-based catalysts for CO2 valorisation. Prior to his PhD, he completed his MSc in Chemical Engineering, and completed a BSc in Liberal Arts & Sciences at University College Roosevelt, an international honours college of University Utrecht. Wilbert joined VSPARTICLE to provide deeper insights into the dynamic world of catalysis.

Previous VSPARTICLE team members