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Gas Sensors

Sensing the composition of gases has shown to be of great value for a wide range of applications. This has developed into a large market with multiple companies working on techniques to perform sensing. One of the most promising techniques is metal oxide gas sensors as it enables the possibility for integration into semiconductor fabrication practice. However low sensitivity, cross-sensitivity and high power consumption limits widespread adoption. This is where VSPARTICLE can help.

Sensors & Nanostructured materials

Nanostructured materials can possess a significantly higher surface to volume ratio than other materials. This enables a greater response from the sensor on a smaller footprint as the surface area is not limited by the 2D area. The higher sensitivity can open up the possibility to perform sensing at lower working temperatures and reducing power consumption of the devices.


VSPARTICLE enables you to create locally deposited materials having a large surface area on a wide range of substrates.

The local deposition alleviates patterning steps which can be complex and costly to successfully perform on nanostructured surfaces. VSPARTICLE technology can deposit an extremely wide range of materials in nanostructured form, enabling research in novel materials for metal oxide gas sensors. 


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