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Driving renewable energy development

Solar cells have been one of the driving renewable energy sources of the past decade. Efficiency has increased and manufacturing cost has dropped. However, it only accounts for less than 2% of today energy production. To be economically competitive with conventional energy sources further improvement are necessary.  One of the current limiting factors in reducing the production price further is the need of silver busbars. Current fabrication techniques are not able to fabricate copper busbars without destroying the PV material.

Nanostructured materials in Solar Cells

Development of high quality of nano- and advanced materials can improve light absorption, ensure a more efficient conversion of the energy of light to electricity and improve energy transport and storage.  

VPARTICLE & Solar Cell development

VSPARTICLE enables room temperature printing of nanostructured copper that can be post processed at low temperature. This means that copper busbars can be fabricated without damaging the PV material.


Contract Research

Material compositions and evaluations for solar cells


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Material Insights

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