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VSP-G1 Nanoparticle generator

At vsparticle it is our ambition to support research and industry with the tools and knowledge needed to advance the field of nanotechnology and the positive outcomes this entails. To spark the nano revolution we developed the VSP-G1 nanoparticle generator, getting rid of the limitations of current nanoparticle production methods.

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VSP-G1 electrodes

The VSP-G1 electrodes enable the ultimate material versatility for nanoparticle research. The easy plug&play system means switching from particle source can be done in a matter of minutes. High-level engineering empowers the user to experiment with different electrode types and logging of electrode history.

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Coming soon...

VSP-RS1 Research sampler

Every field of research has its own needs and the VSP-G1 can meet almost all of them. This however is just the first step. Now we made it possible to easily study (combinations of) conductive nanoparticles, we want to make it just as easy to put these particles on a sample. Researchers will be pleased to learn that the VSP-RS1 research sampler is expected in 2018. 

Future products

We foresee an evolution in manufacturing where production processes are rethought, new materials been created and innovative applications developed. Our future products will be designed to support these steps. Planned next is the nanoparticle generator for an industry scaled production of materials developed with our “1” series and then we wish to take it even a step further, creating a machine that incorporates different production steps to create nano-enabled parts.