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The VSP-G1

the nanoparticle source of all VSPARTICLE products

Nanoparticle generation at the push of a button

VSPARTICLE tools help you to easily generate nanoparticles and deposit them in a variety of methods.
The VSP-G1 is a table-top, user-friendly nanoparticle generator that is the basis of all VSPARTICLE products.

    very small particles(0-20nm)

    Stable & reproducible

    All (semi-)conductive materials, alloy / non-alloy


    Easy and Quick sample preparation

    • VSP-A1 Diffusion: Dispersed unagglomerated particles
    • VSP-A2 Filtration: Deposit particles on a filter
    • VSP-A3 Impaction: Grow a nanoporous oxide layer


    Printed nanoporous layers

    • Print inorganic nanostructured materials
    • Patterns locally on any substrate
    • material built-up from sub 20nm particles
    • No solvents 
    • Available through Contract Research


    Size Selected Nanoparticles with 0.1nm resolution

    • BETA program 2019, commercially available in 2020
    • Fully automated sample preparation tool for 1-10nm size selected nanoparticles
    • Typical sample preparation time is 30-60 minutes
    • Real-time tracking of sample coverage
    • Size-dependent particle property screening made simple



    Easily switch & mix materials

    • Base materials, exotic materials, alloys supported
    • All solid (semi) conductive materials 
    • Easy plug & play system
    • Switch electrodes and reproduce in matter of minute


    We are currently developing a software package that comes with our products and enable you to remotely control our systems. Some of our products are already equipped with a BETA version of the software. For more information, contact us.


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    We have a fully equipped lab with all of our latest tools and high tech expertise on nanomaterials. 


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