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Start your research today, write the proposal tomorrow

Limited offer for scientists to help kickstart your research even before you write a proposal.

Try the complete setup to generate and deposit highly controlled atomic clusters & nanoparticles!

Why a trial period?

Limited offer for researchers only

Have you or your group struggled to synthesize nanoparticles for ground breaking research or applications? Did it take 3-4 years to make that one particle that could change the world? We know exactly what you mean. That’s why VSPARTICLE developed the VSP-G1 nanoparticle generator and diffusion accessory, to help researchers synthesize and deposit inorganic nanoparticles at a push of a button.

Begin your trial and start sparking

4 months to try the VSP-G1 nanoparticle generator and diffusion accessory in your lab, for only €9950,- Below you can request the 4 month trial period to experience this ultimate research tool.

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Please use the form below to provide us with more information about your request. The information you provide is solely used to get in touch and provide you with a quote for the trial options you specify. Neither the request nor the quote commits you to purchase.