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The VSP-S1 Size Selector

Reproducible samples with size selected nanoparticles in <60 minutes


Coming soon! In 2019 we are running a BETA program for the Size Selector Module. It will be commercially available in 2020. 

The VSP-S1 is a table-top, user-friendly nanoparticle size-selector that can be easily connected to the VSP-G1. Together, they enable the automated production of size-selected inorganic nanoparticle (1-10 nm) samples, with minimal effort. Compatible with any (semi-) conductive material (alloy or non-alloy), you simply select the size and wait for your sample to be ready. Typical sample preparation time is 30-60 minutes.

1-10nm particles,
0,1nm resolution

Typical sample preparation time: 30-60min

real-time tracking of coverage

Size-dependent particle property screening made simple

Make particles of several sizes in the range of 1-10 nanometer to determine the activity as a function of particle size. The automatic preparation of catalytic samples with a 0.1nm resolution enables sequenced sample production in less than a day.

VSP-S1 trailer

What you can make with VSP-G1 & VSP-S1

Size Selection

•     Select nanoparticle size between 1 and 10 nm
•    Resolution +- 0.1 nm 
•    Particle size sequence possible (property screening)
•    Modular system for optimal flexibility


Automated production

•    Fully automated production ensures optimal reproducibility
•    Choose particle size and press start



•    Compatible with all (semi)-conductive materials
•    Multi-element composition possible (alloy and non-alloy)
•    Easily tune particle composition with electrodes and carrier gas


Clean particles

•    Only inputs needed are power, electrodes and carrier gas
•    Pure, model particles: No surfactants, precursor salts 
•     No influence of contaminants on particle properties

Technical specifications VSP-S1

110-240V AC

VSP-S1: Casing ca. 52x45x20 cm - Reactor added height ca. 10 cm 

VSP-S1: ca. 15 kg

Gas inlet/outlet
10 mm tubes (with Swagelok connectors)

16x2 characters

Digital output
Secure wireless interface

Manual operation & remote control via VSPARTICLE software

Operating window

Flow rate
1-30 L/min

Ar, N2, Ar + O2, Ar + H2
Contact VSPARTICLE for use of reactive gases such as air, H2.

Electrode material
metals, metal oxides, alloys, semiconductors, carbon

Primary particle size
1-10 nanometer ± 0.1 nm

Max substrate size 

Max deposited area 

Substrate types
e.g. (in-situ) TEM, Electrodes, (doped) Si chips

Surface coverage

Deposition time
1-30 minutes

Total Sample preparation time
30-60 minutes