VSParticle Nanoprinting technology creates new research opportunities for energy material development at DIFFER

This spring, the Dutch Institute for Fundamental Energy Research (DIFFER), a renowned research institute in Netherlands, acquired VSParticle flagship product VSP-P1 nanoprinter in their newly established research facility. This significant milestone underscores DIFFER's commitment to advancing hi-tech research in energy materials.  

Nanoparticles play a crucial role in material development due to their unique properties and diverse applications. With the VSP-P1 nanoprinter, DIFFER can elevate their research efforts to the next level. They have chosen VSParticle to be part of their research journey, recognizing the expertise and pioneering technology that VSParticle brings to the table. 

“The collaboration with VSParticle aligns perfectly with DIFFER’s strategy to extend its national role in building the infrastructure ‘materials4energy’. With technologies like these, we aim to accelerate material development for energy applications and reinforce the Netherlands' leadership in sustainable energy research." - Süleyman Er, Department Head and Group Leader at DIFFER

Integrating advanced nanoprinting technology into sustainable energy research

DIFFER's mission is to conduct fundamental research on materials, processes, and systems for a sustainable global energy infrastructure, collaborating closely with national and international academic and industrial partners. As a leading research institute dedicated to the study and development of sustainable energy solutions, DIFFER provides the perfect setting for leveraging the advanced functionalities of the VSP-P1 Nanoprinter.

The institute's focus on interdisciplinary research enables the effective integration of nanoprinting technology into various projects of energy storage and conversion. The Catalytic and Electrochemical Processes for Energy Applications (CEPEA) and Autonomous Energy Materials Discovery (AMD) research groups, under the leadership of Dr. Mihalis Tsampas and Dr. Süleyman Er respectively, possess the expertise and resources necessary to explore the full potential of nanoparticles in energy applications. Their endeavours span from material discovery and screening aiming for boosting key performance indicators, showcasing a commitment to advancing energy technologies.

This advanced nanoprinter will not only enhance the institute's current research projects but also open up new avenues for exploration, driving forward the quest for sustainable energy solutions. 

“The collaboration with DIFFER has been essential for VSParticle to proof our technology in the market of green hydrogen. We are very excited that DIFFER has been able to take the next step in acquiring our flagship P1 product. We look forward to fruitful intensified collaboration in which we try to shape the future of key energy materials.” - Aaike van Vugt, CEO and co-founder of VSParticle

The VSP-P1 Nanoprinter provides exceptional materials flexibility, enabling the use and mixing of any solid (semi)-conductor, including pure metals, alloys, and doped semiconductors, resulting in limitless material compositions. Additionally, its user interface allows precise control of variable parameters to achieve desired nanoparticle sizes ranging from 1 to 20 nm. This capability grants researchers control over material properties, which is crucial for developing innovative solutions to complex scientific challenges.

This precision of VSParticle’s cutting-edge technology is incredibly valuable to DIFFER. It allows DIFFER researchers to produce nanoparticles with ease, facilitating the creation of novel materials with enhanced properties. These advancements can lead to significant breakthroughs in energy storage, catalysis, and other critical areas of energy research.

“At DIFFER we perform fundamental research on materials, processes, and systems. With the VSParticle machine, we are able to make a large variety of materials. We are especially interested in the electrochemical properties of these materials.” - Marco de Baar, Director of DIFFER.

To ensure seamless integration and optimal use of the new system, a dedicated team of professionals from VSParticle provided comprehensive training to DIFFER’s researchers and engineers. This hands-on training equipped the team with the necessary skills and knowledge to fully employ the potential of this innovative nanoprinter.

The VSP-P1 nanoprinter is designed for ease of use, requiring minimal user intervention. It is operated through a secure and user-friendly web interface, which simplifies the process of nanoparticle generation and printing. This intuitive interface allows researchers to focus more on their experimental designs and less on the technical complexities of the equipment. As a result, DIFFER's team can efficiently produce high-quality nanoparticles, accelerating their research and development efforts in the field of energy materials.