The VSP-G1 Nanoparticle Generator

A table-top, user-friendly nanoparticle generator that is the basis of all VSPARTICLE products. With the VSP-G1, a stable and clean flow of well-defined pure nanoparticles can be generated, without the use of precursors and surfactants. Producing the desired particles becomes as easy as pushing a button.

Mix and Match Materials 


Material versatility is key for reducing research iteration times and material flexibility, VSPARTICLE's technology enables you to change the material easy and fast thanks to the use of electrodes. This allows the creation of particles of bi-metals, nano-alloys or materials that are immiscible in bulk state. Source material is supplied in the form of electrodes. The electrodes work with a click system, making it easy and quick to switch materials. 


Material versatility


With the VSP-G1 you can use any kind of (semi)conductive material for your nanoparticles and use argon, nitrogen or air as a carrier gas.The VSP-G1 uses two electrodes as base material to generate sub 20 nm particles.  All solid (semi)conductive materials that can be processed into electrodes can be used in this device to generate sub 20 nm primary particle (material dependent) and larger aglomerates.

Material preparation

- Nanotoxicology research

  • VSP-G1 as model nanoparticulate source
  • Cell cultures exposed to aerosol of ultrafine particles
  • Determine toxicology of airborne nanoparticles 


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The compact size of the VSP-G1 nanoparticle generator ensures that VSPARTICLE’s technology is easily accommodated in every research laboratory with a design able to fit most lab-tables and fume hoods. 

If you are interested in purchasing the tool or would like to try out the product please contact us for more information so we can assess the possibilities that best fit with your situation and research.   

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