VSP-C1 Controller


The VSP-C1 is what makes your VSParticle set-up smart, predictable, and automated.

Automated Experimentation

The embodiment of smart software developed at VSPARTICLE are easy to use and remotely control the VSP-G1 process parameters. The products developed at VSPARTICLE are set-up from day one to interface with other hardware. The table-top, user-friendly nanoparticle generator and MFC+ flowrate can be controlled by the VSP-C1. This ensures that your experiment is easy to use with key features in schedule events, data visualisation, data downloading, and remote control

We offer a software package that is easy to use interface to control your experiment.It shows at a glance what your settings are and what happens during your experiment.


Cloud options


Wifi connection


Offline use options


Automated Experimentation


Data visualisation


Remote control 10-15 meters


Schedule Events


Data Download


Easy to use

Data logging & Downloading

When conducting your experiments, efficiency and easy access to your data is important.VSPARTICLE's C1 provides this flexibility by downloading the data over Wi-Fi.

Remote control

In addition to the screen, you can also connect it to your laptop and you have the option of viewing data remotely within the range of 10-15 meters. This males for a flexible working environment, all of which is implemented in the VSP-C1. 

Schedule Experiment

The experiment can be easily scheduled when setting the setpoints.It will show when the experiment is scheduled and which events are logged.

Wifi and Hotspot

The VSP-C1 has the functions for online or offline network use. For the online network, you can connect the VSP-C1 to your network of choice. The internal hotspot of the VSP-C1 can be used in the offline network.

The VSP-C1 controller is a setup that contains G1 and MFC+.

To customize, your steup you could add VSP-S1 size selector, impaction A -series or the pump.



"The VSPARTICLE tools enable you to combine different materials together on any substrate, changing their functionalities. At the Smith Solar Lab, we have used VSPARTICLE's machine in different ways, because you can make nanoparticles of different sizes and compositions. They have different optical properties, so you can actually tune which part of the solar light is absorbed by pushing a button. Which is something we have not been able to find in any other technology"