Building Blocks for Nanotechnology from Spark Ablation Webinar

 March  11th, 2021  

@ 10:00 CET (17:00 Beijing Time, 18:00 Japan Standard Time)    

Many materials and devices exploiting size effects occurring below 20 nm are expected to lead to important innovations in the near future. These are emerging in important domains like energy conversion and storage, catalysis, and chemical sensors. For all these applications, the capability of mixing “anything with anything” on the nanoscale or on the atomic scale (e.g. high entropy alloys) constitutes a wealth of new properties tunable by size, composition and structure. Spark ablation offers an unprecedented flexibility regarding composition and size.

The webinar deals with spark ablation as a source of nanoparticulate building blocks smaller than 20 nm in diameter. The principle of spark ablation will be explained and examples of applications of this research instrument and scalable method will be given. 

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High Throughput Electrocatalysis Testing

FEB 18 , 2020   

Together with Avantium, VSPARTICLE, prepared and screened 64 different Ni-Fe electrocatalysts in high throughput using the VSP-P1 Nanostructured Material Printer (VSP-P1). These electrocatalysts were employed in the oxygen evolution reaction (OER) using a high-throughput electrochemical cell.

ENHANSERS – Cutting edge SERS substrates for quick and clear molecular analysis

DEC  10 , 2020   

VSPARTICLE has developed a nanoparticle printing technology to produce nanostructured noble metal layers by depositing nanoparticles produced by spark-discharge. The sensing capabilities of the printed nanoparticles and the nano-porous morphology of the printed layers have proven to be very effective for developing SERS substrates that can be used as a standard tool for chemical analysis. This has led to the development of ENHANSERS, a nanotechnology company solely focussed on the production and distribution of nanostructured SERS substrates on a commercial scale.

Producing nanoaerosols by spark ablation using the VSP-G1 Nanoparticle Generator 

DEC  01 , 2020   

Through our webinar we aim to  provide insight into how the VSP-G1 Nanoparticle Generator can be used to generate model aerosols on demand. While the focus lies on airborne exposure, the same processes and principles can be applied in nanomaterial manufacturing for other applications.

A paradigm shift in electrocatalyst synthesis

OCTOBER 08, 2020

The webinar ‘A paradigm shift in electrocatalyst synthesis’, presented by our Application Specialist dr.ir. Wilbert Vrijburg will showcase the flexibility of our technology and how its adoption can simplify the preparation of model electrocatalysts and accelerate the discovery novel electrocatalyst compositions.

VSP-P1 Nanostructured Material Printer – the ultimate tool for material development

JULY 02, 2020

VSPARTICLE goes beyond the current standard in research and introduces a fully automated system that can not only generate the desired nanoparticles but can also print them directly into a new product or integrate the nanoparticles as additional features into a desired product. The VSP-P1 Nanostructured Material Printer enables you to print inorganic nanostructured materials with novel properties.

Generating and depositing nanoparticles at the push of a button with VSP G1 & VSP Accessories

JUNE 09, 2020

Producing the desired nanoparticles becomes now as easy as pushing a button.  

The three VSP-A deposition accessories can be easily connected to the output of the VSP-G1, enabling any researcher to produce nanoparticle samples in a matter of hours, with minimal effort.  

Going from hypothesis to results in the same day is now a possibility.  

Accelerating material discovery with VSPARTICLE technology

APRIL 15, 2020

Accelerating the development of new nanostructured materials is key in solving some of the biggest challenges of the 21st century. By introducing a fully automated and reproducible production process of new nanostructured materials, VSPARTICLE is helping researchers to accelerate their exploration of the material world and explore unique quantum properties.