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Vogt, C., Meirer, F., Monai, M. et al. Dynamic restructuring of supported metal nanoparticles and its implications for structure insensitive catalysis. Nat Commun 12, 7096 (2021). Read More..

Bezantakos & Biskos (2022) - Temperature and pressure effects on the performance of the portable TSI 3007 condensation particle counter: Implications on ground and aerial observations.Read more..

Jin Tong, Yu Zhang, Peilin Liang, Zhongwei Huang, Chengqiang Cui, Keju Zhong (2021) - Nano silver particles prepared by spark ablation as packaging interconnection materialRead more..

Hendrik Joost van Ginkel, Joost Romijn, Sten Vollebregt, Guo Qi Zhang (2021) - High Step Coverage Interconnects By Printed Nanoparticles. Read more..

Tunable photoluminescence and SERS behaviour of additively manufactured Au nanoparticle . Read more

Boosting the Thermoelectric Properties of PEDOT:PSS via Low-Impact Deposition of Tin Oxide Nanoparticles.  Read more ..

Dual-gate FET-based charge sensor enhanced by in-situ electrode decoration in a MEMS organs-on-chip platformRead more ..



Andreas Schmidt-Ott, high-tech pioneer and co-founder of VSParticle announces the launch of the book “Spark Ablation, Building Blocks for Nanotechnology.”

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