Human dreams and imagination have often given rise to new discoveries in both science and technology. VSPARTICLE, a spin-off of the research labs of TU Delft, was born out of such dreams.

 With over 20 years of experience in the synthesis of aerosols and with the help of a passionate and young team of scientists and engineers, VSPARTICLE is unlocking a whole new world of possibilities at the nanoscale. As we all start to understand these possibilities it will enable research and industry to rethink production processes and develop new materials to create innovative applications.

VSPARTICLE has unleashed the full power of nanotechnology and quantum properties by making the production of nanoparticles as easy as pushing a button. 

The future will build from the bottom up and there is a whole world of possibilities down there. We provide you with the right tools to explore new materials properties and accelerate your research.

Simplicity is our super power, innovation can be yours.

Scientists all over the world are relentlessly looking for new ways to deal with the challenges faced by mankind. From climate change, to an increasing population: technical innovations and new advanced materials are needed in order to enhance, or at least maintain existing living standards.

Nano structured materials have proved to be the ideal building blocks to enable next generation batteries, sensors, fuel cells and industrial catalysts. And that’s because when you go from macro to Nano, or from bulk size materials to atom size materials, properties change. Breaking bulk materials into nanoparticles enables new possibilities to change material properties due to quantum mechanics.