Our Company


At VSParticle we are passionate about innovation in nanotech for meaningful purposes.

VSParticle accelerates materials development to power next-generation products. Our technology enables the generation of nanoparticles from pure materials, which are synthesized and deposited at the push of a button. This allows university researchers and commercial R&D teams across the world to create new materials combinations that form the basis of new, revolutionary solutions.

“Moving ten times faster will enable customers of VSP to unlock a century of innovation in the next 10 years.” 


Our promise: unlocking a century of materials innovation in the next decade

Everything we do at VSPARTICLE contributes to delivering our promise, focusing on:

  • Developing a breakthrough manufacturing technology which accelerates every step of the process from trial and error material discovery all the way to scaling for mass manufacturing.
  • Manufacturing a new category of nanomaterials with unique characteristics for a wide range of highly relevant application, such as green hydrogen production and sensors for air quality measurements.
  • Making this new technology accessible for manufacturers, researchers and developers in the form of R&D  systems, Process development systems and Production systems.
  • Enabling excellent reproducibility in generating and depositing nanoparticles, which is key for both industrial applications as well as for scientific research.
  • Enabling automated- or self-driving labs by combining our unique manufacturing technology with robotics, high-throughput analysis and advanced data processing.

Key Discovery

Prof. Andreas Schmidt-Ott discovered during his PhD that nanoparticles could be made through spark ablation. His exploding wire experiment went wrong because of a broken wire. But because of this the setup was forming electrical sparks which still produced nanoparticles.

Breakthrough in scaling-up

In 2013 an essential patent was filed on a new design to scale spark ablation to higher frequencies and more mass output. In the years after this breakthrough was further tested in a EU consortium focused on scaling gas phase nanoparticle synthesis

Incorporation of VSPARTICLE

After more than 40 years of fundamental technology development it was time to introduce the technology into different markets.

Product introduction

After the lab prototypes have been converted into easy to use nanoparticle generators VSPARTICLE started to ship them globally though a growing network of distributors.

First investment

With the first investment from a Dutch family office (Invaco Management) VSPARTICLE was able to expend the product portfolio and scale the global marketing and sales organization.

Second Investment

The 2nd investment from BlueYard Capital enable VSPARTICLE to take the VSP-P1 NanoPrinter into production and continue scaling the business and core technology.

New Office

The facilitate the growth VSPARTICLE moved from the Molengraaffsingel to a new office with state of the art lab facilities at the Oostsingel 209 in Delft.

Scientists all over the world are relentlessly looking for new ways to deal with the challenges faced by mankind. From climate change, to an increasing population: technical innovations and new advanced materials are needed in order to enhance, or at least maintain existing living standards.

Nano structured materials have proved to be the ideal building blocks to enable next generation batteries, sensors, fuel cells and industrial catalysts. And that’s because when you go from macro to Nano, or from bulk size materials to atom size materials, properties change. Breaking bulk materials into nanoparticles enables new possibilities to change material properties due to quantum mechanics.