As the world is facing big challenges, like climate change, energy crisis and material scarcity, these issues need solutions urgently, in order to maintain human life on earth for the centuries to come. VSParticle technology helps to accelerate these solutions.

Technology and materials innovation play a pivotal role in solving big issues. New nanomaterials with improved functionalities can enable the production of clean energy carriers, like green hydrogen, in a clean and efficient way.

However, most of these new materials have yet to be discovered.

Historically, new materials discovery and development can take multiple decades, time which we do not have to find solutions and make the transitions needed. Despite improvements, it still takes 15 years on average to get a new material to the market.

Everything we do at VSPARTICLE contributes to delivering our promise, focusing on:

  • Developing a breakthrough manufacturing technology 
  • Manufacturing a new category of nanomaterials 
  • Making this new technology accessible
  • Enabling excellent reproducibility
  • Enabling automated- or self-driving labs 
About us

Turn-key nanotechnology

VSParticle nanoparticle generators and printers enable researchers and material & device manufacturers to synthesize and deposit nanoporous materials in an easy, clean and efficient way


We enable researchers and industry to work with cutting-edge production and processing tools for nanoparticles and nanomaterials.

Versatile nanoporous layers

VSParticle technology produces unique, high performing nanoporous materials, which enable improved performance and lower cost in many applications.


Building a scalable technology foundation for new advanced materials and high-tech applications of the future.


VSPARTICLE receives acclaim in ASML Annual Report 2023: A pioneer in accelerating material innovation to market

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Installation of our flagship product VSP-P1 NanoPrinter at Nanoscience Instruments

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VSParticle and Phenom Scientific Instrument collaborate for VSP-P1 NanoPrinter launch in China

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