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The VSP-P1 Nanostructured Material Printer – the ultimate tool for material development

We would like to invite you to our upcoming  product demo webinar “The VSP-P1 Nanostructured Material Printer – the ultimate tool for material development”. 

 THU April 22nd, 2021

@ 10:00 CEST (16:00 Beijing Time, 17:00 Japan Standard Time) 

The best way to get this across to you is through a combination of a classical webinar presentation and a virtual lab experience, which will be the format of our next session. The presentation bit will be conducted by our application specialist Wilbert Vrijburg and the virtual lab experience will be conducted by our product engineer  Sofia Dimitriadiou.  

This webinar is a new version of our previous demo webinar, with improved image quality and an in-depth experiment performed during the virtual demonstration part. 

Join VSPARTICLE's researchers for a free webinar and virtual product demonstration if you are interested in knowing more about the technology how it can help you in speeding up your research. 


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