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Nanoparticles at the push of a button

VSParticle believes that a sustainable future requires new, smarter materials. Key in realizing this future is the progression of nanotechnology to create smart nanomaterials. However, one of the main problems in the development of new nanomaterials is that researchers are spending more and more time on the complex synthesis of nanoparticles. Once meaningful products and materials have been developed in the lab and are ready to be commercialized, manufacturers are not able to effectively scale up the production without major changes to the synthesis process. 

VSParticle solves both problems with the same technology. This year we are introducing a new machine that will drastically reduce the time researchers are spending on the synthesis of nanoparticles. With the help of NanoNextNL and STW, VSParticle is simultaneously scaling up the same technology to enable production of very small and clean nanoparticles at industrial volumes. By effectively linking research and the production of smart nanomaterials, VSParticle brings nanotechnology from the lab to market-ready products.