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Building Blocks for Nanotechnology from Spark Ablation Webinar

 March  11th, 2021  

@ 10:00 CET (17:00 Beijing Time, 18:00 Japan Standard Time)    

Many materials and devices exploiting size effects occurring below 20 nm are expected to lead to important innovations in the near future. These are emerging in important domains like energy conversion and storage, catalysis, and chemical sensors. For all these applications, the capability of mixing “anything with anything” on the nanoscale or on the atomic scale (e.g. high entropy alloys) constitutes a wealth of new properties tunable by size, composition and structure. Spark ablation offers an unprecedented flexibility regarding composition and size.

The webinar deals with spark ablation as a source of nanoparticulate building blocks smaller than 20 nm in diameter. The principle of spark ablation will be explained and examples of applications of this research instrument and scalable method will be given. 

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