VSParticle is a leading supplier of next-generation tools for nanoparticle synthesis and deposition.Our technology reduces the preparation time of advanced nanoparticle samples to just hours, accelerating the development of novel materials for diverse applications.

By addressing the reproducibility challenges in energy materials and introducing myriad of material and substrate flexibility, VSPARTICLE's technology provides a robust foundation for Self-Driving Labs—the next frontier in materials science. This paradigm shift holds the promise of unlocking a century of material innovation in the next decade.

About us

VSPARTICLE technology is based on spark ablation, a unique method discovered by our co-founder Prof. Andreas Schmidt-Ott. This technology allows the generation of nanoparticles from pure materials, synthesized and deposited at the push of a button simple, clean, and efficient.

VSPARTICLE technology empowers research and development teams across universities and industries to create novel materials that improve product performance and ensure sustainable development.

VSParticle Spark Ablation and Nano-Printing Technology


VSPARTICLE receives acclaim in ASML Annual Report 2023: A pioneer in accelerating material innovation to market

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Installation of our flagship product VSP-P1 NanoPrinter at Nanoscience Instruments

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VSParticle and Phenom Scientific Instrument collaborate for VSP-P1 NanoPrinter launch in China

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