VSPARTICLE receives acclaim in ASML Annual Report 2023: A pioneer in accelerating material innovation to market

As VSPARTICLE continues to lead the charge in nanomaterial innovation, the company's inclusion in the ASML Annual Report 2023  signifies recognition of its transformative impact on material science, promising a future marked by innovation, sustainability, and unlimited possibilities.

Over the past eight years, VSPARTICLE has developed a unique nanoparticle synthesis and deposition process tailored for creating nanoporous materials. VSPARTICLE's revolutionary technology enables top-tier materials R&D institutes to slash the overall development time from 15 years to just one.

With nearly 50 devices sold to top universities and institutes worldwide, VSPARTICLE is now establishing a new business of selling production tools that will require aggressive growth in the years to come.

To get the best support from leading OEM companies like ASML for the next step of growth, in November 2022, VSPARTICLE joined the Virtual Accelerator of "Make Next Platform".

This platform is founded by premier OEMs ASML, Huisman, Vanderlande, Stichting TechnologyRating, and Thales and offers mentorship programs to support innovative, promising high-tech firms scaling up their activities.

Through quarterly sessions with industry leaders of MNP, Marco Wieland (ASML) and Remko de Lange (VP Strategy Vanderlande), the VSPARTICLE's management team refines the overarching strategy, addressing topics like applying scrum in hardware development and implementing value-based pricing.

Being a part of the "Make Next Platform" mentorship program signifies not only VSPARTICLE's commitment to growth but also the invaluable support gained from industry leaders. The platform offers deep insights, ensuring VSPARTICLE is well-equipped to overcome challenges and succeed in the dynamic years ahead.

"With the help of Make Next Platform VSPARTICLE can grow on the shoulders of giants in the industry. Receiving direct support from key OEMs like ASML and Vanderlande gives us a wealth of knowledge on how to structure the company and define key processes. Solutions that can help solving the climate crisis need to scale and get into the market fast. To make this happen, VSPARTICLE is able to leverage a unique infrastructure of 1st tear suppliers. Key suppliers that have grown over the past years in collaboration with OEMs like ASML." - Aaike van Vugt, CEO and co-founder of VSPARTICLE. 

Leveraging the exceptional supply chain of ASML will support VSPARTICLE's entry into the industrial markets, focusing initially on Catalyst Coated Membranes (CCM) for Green Hydrogen production and next-generation gas sensing technologies. 

"The Make Next Platform considers the spark ablation technology of VSP a breakthrough technology that can potentially help enable the energy transition. For me personally, it is great to have the opportunity to closely witness the development of a company that potentially has such an important impact on the world. It is a pleasure to contribute my little bit by coaching them."- Marco Wieland, Fellow at ASML. 

"VSParticle's nanomaterial innovations are accelerating solutions for climate change and the energy crisis. Collaborating with them fuels my passion to offer expertise and networks for scaling up. In turn, their entrepreneurial spirit serves as an inspiration to me" - Remko de Lange, VP Strategy at VanderLande. 

Highlighted in the ASML Annual Report 2023, VSPARTICLE's journey exemplifies not just its current success but also the promise of innovative approaches in reshaping the landscape of material science.  

As the company continues pioneering breakthroughs in materials research, the support from Make Next Platform fortifies VSPARTICLE's growth as a leader in driving innovation on a global scale and in the broader spectrum of technological advancements.