VSParticle strengthening relationship with Phenom Scientific in China

In March, a commercial delegation from VSParticle led by Alexander van Hessen, VP of Sales, conducted a week-long visit to China to meet with the CEO of Phenom Scientific Instruments (Shanghai) Co., Ltd and to explore future collaboration avenues for VSParticle's nanoprinting technology in the Chinese market. In this meeting, the Phenom Scientific nanotech team and the VSParticle delegation discussed the opportunities for business expansion in China and aligning product functions with market demands.

Thanks to the relentless efforts and innovation of Aaike van Vugt and his team, VSParticle successfully launched the new generation of VSP-P1 nanoprinting deposition system. As their exclusive distributor in China, Phenom Scientific looks forward to providing VSParticle with market and customer feedback, helping the product gain wider recognition, and working with them to drive product R&D innovation and market sales, achieving win-win development.”

— Lily Fan, CEO, Phenom Scientific Instruments (Shanghai) Co., Ltd.

During the visit, the VSParticle delegation engaged in insightful dialogues with key customers and partners, including Shenzhen Kuowei Atomic Technology Co., Ltd. and the research team of Professor Che Renchao at Fudan University, focusing on technical cooperation and market expansion.

Furthermore, the team organized a face-to-face technical product demo presentation at the Suzhou laboratory to showcase technical capabilities of VSP-P1 and product advantages. These meetings enhanced potential customers' understanding of VSParticle's technology and established a strong foundation for future cooperation and partnerships.

"This trip to China was an unforgettable journey, allowing us to connect with vibrant customers and deepen our understanding of market demands. We return with valuable insights and are looking forward to strengthening our intensive collaboration with Phenom Scientific further. Seeing the Phenom Scientific nanotech team effortlessly operate our VSP-P1 nanoprinting deposition system, we are proud of the product's user-friendliness, which further solidifies our cooperative relationship. We look forward to achieving common goals in China this year and driving rapid development in the field of material discovery with our technology."

— Alexander van Hessen, VP of Sales, VSParticle

As a part of their trip, VSPARTICLE's team visited Shenzhen Kuowei Atomic's laboratory and was warmly welcomed by Mr. Huang Yufeng, the company's Chairman, and their top management. The teams engaged in discussions about current market trends, technical challenges, and potential directions for future cooperation. This meeting fostered mutual understanding between the two parties and laid a solid foundation for future cooperation. Both sides expressed their willingness to strengthen communication and collaboration, jointly exploring new pathways for technological innovation and committed to further industry development.

Meeting with Professor Che Renchao's team at Fudan University

VSParticle team also visited Professor Che Renchao's team at Fudan University for an in-depth technical exchange and discussions about the latest discoveries in nanotech application research. 

In this meeting, the VSParticle delegation presented their latest research findings and technological advancements in the field of nanomanufacturing, including advanced nanoparticle generator ( VSP-G1 ) and nanoprinting deposition equipment ( VSP-P1 ). This exchange not only facilitated knowledge sharing and technological integration between academia and industry but also laid a solid foundation for further cooperation in the field of nanomanufacturing.

To fully showcase VSParticle's technical capabilities and product strengths, the team invited representatives from Shenzhen Bairou New Material Technology for a live product demonstration. During this session, the VSP team demonstrated to the clients how to precisely deposit nanomaterials using the VSP-P1 Nanoprinter and how this technology can enhance material performance and create new application possibilities. This demo not only allowed clients to directly experience the ease of use and efficiency of VSParticle's products but also deepened their understanding of the company's technical capabilities.

VSParticle will continue to work with its Chinese distributor, Phenom Scientific, to promote the potential and capabilities of VSParticle’s technology, fostering greater awareness and adoption within the Chinese market. Together, we aim to expand market reach and deliver impactful solutions through collaborative efforts and strategic initiatives.