VSParticle and Phenom Scientific Instrument collaborate for VSP-P1 NanoPrinter launch in China

VSParticle proudly announces the successful arrival and installation of its flagship product, the VSP-P1 NanoPrinter, at the headquarters of Phenom Scientific Instrument, our esteemed Chinese distributor. 

The arrival of our new flagship product, VSP-P1, marks a giant leap forward in expanding our customer base in China and empowering clients in green energy technologies to develop and scale their innovative solutions.

The VSP-P1 Nanoprinter is a cutting-edge device for fast and easy synthesis and printing of nanoporous materials. With applications spanning from industrial applications in renewable energy to the creation of self-driving (automated) labs in materials research, the VSP-P1 serves as a catalyst for breakthroughs in nanomaterials.

VSP-P1 NanoPrinter enables clients to locally print inorganic nanostructured materials with unique properties. The building blocks for the printed layer are gas-phase produced, sub-20 nm nanoparticles, free of surfactants or any other organic impurities. ​With the VSP-P1 NanoPrinter, semi-automated printing of nano porous layers of different composition and/or layer thicknesses is possible. 

The integration of the VSP-P1 Nanoprinter into Phenom Scientific Instrument's portfolio reflects both companies' dedication to providing state-of-the-art solutions to the scientific community. It underscores a shared commitment to advancing scientific capabilities and fostering innovation.

"I have worked with VSparticle for almost four years, and they have a great team. Plus, they came out with such a unique and great technology, a new and very good product. The technology is very advanced in creating nanoporous materials. So, we are very happy working with VSP and seeing them succeed in China and the world.

We want to see nanotechnology in different industries and help R&D customers create new materials. My goal with VSParticle is to sell more of their system in China and see them sell all over the globe," said Simon Zhuang, the Product Manager at Phenom Scientific Instrument.

Following the installation of the nano printer, our team conducted a 3-day in-depth training on how to use the printer, safety measures, and sample printing sessions to enable our distributer to utilize the VSP-P1 and fully leverage the system's versatility. 

We extend our heartfelt appreciation to the Phenom Scientific Instrument and VSParticle teams for their collaboration and dedication and for contributing to the success of our shared endeavors. 

We look forward to furthering our collaborative efforts with Phenom Scientific Instrument and anticipate continued success in revolutionizing nanotechnology applications in China. 

About Phenom Scientific Instrument

Phenom Scientific Instrument is our renowned distributor in China, delivering cutting-edge scientific analytical equipment for empowering industrial clients, universities, and institutes with revolutionary solutions. 

Phenom Scientific Instrument launched its nano division in 2018 with VSPARTICLE nanoparticle generators. With the new VSP-P1 NanoPrinter taking center stage at FunaScientific Instrument's headquarters, they aim to empower clients in China's scientific and industrial sectors, fostering advancements in green energy technologies and scaling innovative solutions.