VSParticle and MTA signed a cooperation agreement

During the latest precisiebeurs event on 15th Nov 2023,  Patrick Geerts, Managing Director of MTA and Berend van der Grinten, Director of Product Development at VSParticle, signed a letter of intent, strengthening the long-term strategic partnership between the two companies.

VSParticle is developing a disruptive technology that enables the production and deposition of a new category of nano-materials with extraordinary properties for numerous applications such as green hydrogen, gas sensors, new catalyzers, and advanced materials.

MTA is the exclusive manufacturer of VSParticle's Nano Generator and Nano Printer systems, supporting VSParticle's development and industrialization of G1 and P1 machines. MTA has over 20 years of experience producing high-tech mechatronic systems, leveraging a multidisciplinary approach that combines mechanical engineering, electronics, and control engineering to create holistic and efficient systems. 

This agreement highlights a mutual commitment to invest in scaling, manufacturing, and development services for VSParticle. It paves the way for future nanotechnology innovations and novel materials development.

VSParticle Nanoparticle Generators and Printers enable researchers and material & device manufacturers to synthesize and deposit nanoporous materials in an easy, clean, and efficient way.