Why data storing is important for material data?

To maintain human life on earth, new technology and material innovation play a pivotal role in solving big issues in climate change and energy crisis. To unleash the full potential of nanoparticle technology, we should accelerate the discovery and development of new materials. To speed up this process of R&D, the data storing is an important element for exploring the material world of unique quantum properties.


Unleashing the full potential of nanoparticle technology will accelerate the discovery and development of new materials by today’s academic and industrial researchers. By accelerating this development of new nanostructured materials, we can solve some of the biggest challenges of the 21st century like climate change and energy crisis. To discover new material data in different experiments, the data storing should be well covered. It provides the opportunity to speed up the R&D process by exploring the material world and exploring unique quantum properties.

At VSPARTICLE, we believe that generation of nanoparticles should be neither complex or nor time-consuming. By introducing a fully automated and reproducible production process of new nanostructured materials with the VSP-G1 Nanoparticle Generator and VSP-C1 Controller.

When conducting your experiments, efficiency and easy access to your data is important. VSPARTICLE provides with the VSP-C1 flexibility by easily and remotely control the VSP-G1 and MFC+ which ensures a versatile control system. This is why we developed the VSP-C1 Controller to make your VSPARTICLE set-up smart, predictable, and automated with a key feature of data storing covered for you!

Material search in one overview

The embodiment of smart software developed at VSPARTICLE ensures easy to use interface to control your experiment with key feature in data storing and downloading.

VSParticle software package enables an easy-to-use interface to control your experiment settings. The interface provides an overview of what happens during the experiment and the possibility to download your data. This flexibility makes it easier for you to do your material search in a process.

If you would like to know more about VSPARTICLE’s technology regarding the VSP-G1 and VSP-C1, please contact us for more information.


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